ChatGPT Explained. Is Chat GPT That Good?

There is a lot of buzz regarding Chat GPT nowadays. Lots of people are talking about Chat GPT, especially marketers and content creators. Different individuals have different opinions about Chat GPT, but there are two things that are very common, respectively:

1. Chat GPT will replace content writers.

2. Chat GPT may replace Google search.

But let me tell you, both statements are not factually correct. Chat GPT is a good tool; there is no doubt about that. But it’s not that great to replace humans, especially for content writing.

Chat GPT can provide a ton of information. This AI tool is quick and responsive, and it can provide a lot of information for your query within minutes. It understands commands, or you can say search intent, well. For example, if you ask Chat GPT to explain Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in 300 words, it will give you content exactly 300 words long. Or if you ask it to write CSS code to change the color of all H1 headings on your website, or to write a resume or an email, Chat GPT will do that within seconds. But here’s the catch: these are all pre-written or already existing pieces of content or code that Chat GPT provides you as a result. There is no creativity in that.


Chat GPT lacks creativity. It’s an AI tool, not a human. And creativity is the biggest difference between a human content writer and an AI tool like Chat GPT. Humans are creative, emotional, and can be more analytical than any tool or software. Creativity makes the difference, and creativity always wins. Creativity makes your content and your business stand apart from others.

Any business or individual creates content for humans, right? And while creating content (be it any type of content like a blog, article, video, or audio), there are a lot of factors that we keep in mind. Like, what is our target audience, their demographics, their likes/dislikes, how they connect with our content, and so on. So, there are a lot of human factors involved in the content creation and delivery process. And when you create content with the help of an AI tool like Chat GPT, it can’t consider these human factors, obviously. And this makes a big difference.

A human can think about a topic or situation in 100 different ways according to their creative liberty.

Will ChatGPT Replace Humans?

Will chatgpt replace humans? I don’t think so. Chat GPT produces plagiarized data, and from an SEO perspective, it’s a red flag. I have used Chat GPT for quite a long time. Every time I asked Chat GPT to write a blog on any topic, it produces content exactly as I prompt. It also produces multiple variations of content for a single query, which means you can choose the version you like. But the problem is, the content produced by Chat GPT or any other tool is not 100% new or fresh. Content generated by AI tools like Chat GPT is plagiarized. And that is because no AI tool writes content by itself.

Till date, no AI is as intelligent or creative as to write content on its own. These tools use artificial intelligence as their core, and they work intelligently. They use content that is already published and then rephrase it. So, it’s not exclusive content, but more intelligently rephrased and compiled content.

ChatGPT & Google

If you are a business owner or you have a blog or business website, and you’re thinking of replacing your content writer with AI tools like Chat GPT to produce all your content, you should rethink. Because no search engine allows you

 to use plagiarized content on your website, be it Google or Bing or any other search engine. When you use plagiarized content on your website for blogs, articles, or product descriptions, search engine bots identify that, and they don’t rank those blogs or products. And if you use plagiarized content multiple times on your website in the form of blogs, articles, or product descriptions, then your website can be penalized by search engines. As a result, your website may never get ranked on any search engine like Google & Bing. Over time, every search engine has developed mechanisms and algorithms to detect content produced by AI tools. So, as soon as you publish AI-written content on your website, search engine algorithms detect that and penalize your website. Therefore, it’s better not to use AI-written content on your website.


AI tools are everywhere. There are thousands of AI tools currently available, and there are different AI tools to perform particular tasks. You can say there are niche-based AI tools coming. So, you might ask if you should not use AI tools completely. The answer is no. You can use AI tools for sure. But you need to use them smartly.

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